Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leptin Reset

Hello all--

As I mentioned a while ago, I really haven't had much time for blogging lately, but I found a window today and want to update you on some research and experimentation I have been doing. I have been pretty consistent the last couple of weeks with avoiding nightshades. I do miss tomatoes and peppers, but find I can do without them. I am currently trying something new. As I've mentioned before, I have had a hard time losing weight following the paleo protocol unless I go very low carb, and even then, the weight does not exactly fly off...

Now while my purpose for following a Paleo diet is not to simply to lose weight, but to also alleviate some of my LS symptoms, and my acne which if you read my earlier post, can be quite bad, I really do need to focus on losing weight. My ND is very supportive of this idea, and wants to get me to a place where I am "as healthy as possible." as she puts it. Her advice has been to eat a low glycemic diet and walk regularly. I do that. I've been doing that. I have lost and regained about 10 pounds since last July--I'm not having much success. I have tried adjusting my fat intake, my fructose intake, my calorie intake, and upping my walking and yet still my weight just pretty much stays the same. So, for the past month or so, I have done a lot of reading and researching and trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, or what I can do better...

Then, I ran across this Leptin Reset Protocol from Dr. Jack Kruse. In Paleo Hacks, and on Mark's Daily Apple there are literally hundreds of posts mentioning how well this has worked for others. So, when I went to see my doctor I told her I wanted to try it, she was supportive (although skeptical), and made sure I had my supplements in order, (I take magnesium, 10,000 iu vitamin D, fish oil, zinc/calcium,and a probiotic,) and that was it. So I started it last week, and I have to say I am pleased with how I feel when I do this. I did have some trouble with certain elements of it at first, (mostly due to some upheaval in my routine and some cream, chocolate and wine sneaking into my diet part way through the week.) But when I do sleep, I sleep well, and I feel less hungry. Yesterday I ate around 9am (got up late, Saturday after all...) and was not hungry again until 3:30pm I am re-starting the protocol tomorrow--I want to do it completely correctly without allowing "cheats" to slip in. (Probably this means that it will take a little longer for my reset--Dr. Kruse says to add about 10 days if you start and then stop and start again.) You have to be very strict, the 80/20 rule does not apply!

So this is what I am doing:

Breakfast: Eat within 1/2 hour-1 hour of rising 50-75 grams of protein, fat, little to no carbs. (Start off with 50g protein, if hungry during the day, increase up to 75 if necessary--the goal here is to let your meal last you all day--you should end up not being hungry during the day.)

Try to skip lunch, but if not possible, eat lunch as late as possible.

Dinner: Eat dinner as early as possible--the goal is to have eaten your last meal 4-5 hours before bed time. I am trying to eat by 5pm. (I usually go to sleep between 9-10pm and get up around 5am)

Exercise: Dr. Kruse recommends none during the 6-8 week "reset" period, but says if you must exercise, then walk, but only after your last meal. Do not walk or exercise in the morning. I've been walking 2-4 miles every evening, I find that my ankle hurts if I do not walk on it regularly--I sprained it badly last Spring.

The diet he recommends is strict Paleo--No grains, no legumes, no dairy, no nightshades, no alcohol, no sugar. If you are 30 or more pounds overweight he recommends to limit your carbs to 25g per day.

After 4-6 weeks Dr. Kruse says that most people will notice certain signs that let you know you are becoming leptin sensitive again:

"Men will notice quick weight loss. Women will notice mood changes first (calmer/sleepy) and their sleep will improve. Their clothes will fit differently but weight may not change drastically initially because of effects on the pituitary. This will change too if they continue moving forward. You will notice a change in your sweating pattern. You will notice you have better recovery from exercise and your energy levels seem to have risen. Your hunger is gone and so are your cravings. When you awaken you will feel very refreshed like you slept well."

Once this occurs, he recommends HIIT with weights.

I have been reading so much about people's good experiences with this lately, that I felt I needed to try it. I also met the sister of a friend at work who is a Naturopath in Friday Harbor and she has had personal success with the Leptin Reset and suggests it to her patients as well. With all this evidence suggesting that it really works, how could I not give it a shot?

Here is an example of what I am eating for breakfast:


5 ounces steak
4 omega three eggs cooked in coconut oil
Sauteed kale

This morning:

7.5 ounces duck breast
3 large eggs cooked in duck fat

Yesterday dinner was duck breast and sauteed kale and spinach with leeks. Before dinner I had several teaspoons of coconut manna--which is just coconut butter (ground up coconut).

Today for lunch (at 2:40!) I had a cup of bone broth and some of the meat that was on the bones. I am trying to emulate some of Nom Nom Paleo's menus. She is my hero! Organized, excellent cook, entertaining to read. My blog pales in comparison, but if I had any kind of goal here it would be to someday be more like her. :)

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  1. I'm really interested in how you get on with this. I have been wondering about trying this myself but as a longtime non-breakfast eater it's the thought of managing to (a) cook and (b) eat those breakfasts that I can't cope with.